Eat Right, Stay Fit
Excessive intake of salt, sugar and oil leads to many kinds of diseases and major problems in our body like hypertension ,obesity, diabetes and many more. The daily required intake of sugar, salt and oil should :
a)OIL : 3 to 4 teaspoons for both males and females. Children less than nine years of age-5 teaspoons.
b)SUGAR : 6 teaspoons for females and 9 for males.
c)SALT : 1 teaspoon only (processed foods like biscuits and chips contain high amount of sodium therefore contains salt as well).
With limiting our daily intake to the requirements mentioned above , we should follow some healthy tips too to stay healthy:
a) Drink plenty of water.
b) Include lots of fruits and green leafy vegetables in your meals and avoid processed junk foods.
c) Exercise regularly and maintain your body weight.
d) Get enough sleep.