Chairman's Message

The foundation of every country is its educated youth. Education does not mean producing a vast population able to read and write but unable to distinguish right or wrong. Aim of education should be the formation of character, replacing an empty mind with an open one. Parents and educationists shoulder the responsibility to imbibe values in the students, something which is a dire need of today. We are to provide the child with good role models, making sure that the time spent with them is special. Such quality time leads to imbitions of the intangible virtues of truth, beauty, love and compassion, thereby sharpening the weapons of intuition, creativity and insight.

As parents and educationists, we are to develop a newer outlook–an optimistic perspective and a clear distinction between the right and the wrong in our students. A child is like a flower that blossoms best when watered in right amount under the righteous shade of sun. Let us, therefore, encourage and motivate our children so that in a freer and independent environment, they can choose some lucrative careers, serving society amply with their mind, body and spirit.