Children Forums - Clubs

School has various clubs in which multifarious activities keep on going throughout the session. These clubs provide an exposure to all the students
to understand and then execute the plans better. They take various initiatives in order to contribute in these club activities.
Literary Club
To prepare the students for speaking and writing activities like Debates, Declamations, speeches and literary discussions, literary club of the school is responsible. In this club students participate in such activities co-ordinated by the teachers. Students collect data through different sources in order to prepare them for competitions perfectly.

Nature club encourages the students to think about their planet. They have started their efforts from the school campus and also carry on tree plantation with Rotary and Inner Wheel Clubs of Amritsar as well. Students donate saplings to tree club on various occasions like on their birthdays for the beautification of their planet “Earth”.

Heritage Club
Heritage Club of the school takes its students to various Heritage Sites where students relate themselves with the Indian Culture and their folk background.
This is the way to preserve and promote our Rich Indian Culture. Student members of the club prepare slides, folk music performances in order to enlighten
other students also about their learning. These students also Participate in inter school competitions of the INTACH club and bring laurels.
Olympiad Club
This club maintains and organizes study materials required for the preparation of the tests of Mathematics and Science Olympiads. Teachers personally guide the students to make them understand the things better and score the best.
Science Club  
In these club students make projects, models to enhance the creativity and also prepare themselves for the Children’s Science Congress. The senior students under the guidance of teachers also help the club students to perform better. The students develope a scientific approach which helps them in the long run.
Geography Club  
It is the hyperactive club of the school under which mock drills for the evacuation in case of disaster are organized for the students. Students learn these plans and become a part of them. With loud siren these mock drills begin on the campus so that, in case of tragic situations, students could have in their minds the safest way to secure their lives. This club also prepare projects based on the comparative study of two different countries.
IT Club  
Computer is the common issue of today’s hi-tech era. In order to make its maximum use, the school has an IT Club under which students make power point presentations, other projects, animation films and many more. These works are further helpful in providing the assistance to the other students in their activities.
Red Cross Club
Under this members of First Aid Club are responsible to take care of the students in case of accidental injury to the students on the school premises. They help the doctor and get the patient at ease. First Aid Post is also arranged on different occasions and functions when the school organizes the events.
Reader's Club  
This club provides books for extra reading from class 1 onwards and the time table is prepared accordingly. The students of Class 1-4  get Primary Plus , Class 5and 6 get the Dimdima, class 7 and 8 gets G.K. newspaper and classes 9 to +2 get Reader’s Digest under this club. This effort inculcates reading habits among students steadily.
G.K. and Quiz competitions are executed under this club which are based on the functioning of UNO.
Students get a preview of the happenings around the globe while remaining at one place only.