Principal's Message

Life affords no greater responsibility, no greater privilege, than the raising of the next generation...

In a student’s life, the arrival of great progress and prosperity happens when his talents have blossomed and when he has mastered his individual art with earnest practice. For a hard-working student who knows his target, greater venues and opportunities open up such that he automatically disciplines himself to face the mightier challenges in life.

As teachers and parents, we are to give a feeling of being distinguished to our students. We are to create an environment for them where creativity is kindled and flexible reins are given to the flight of imagination. Alongside, we are to provide a platform to them where they can express their thoughts and unfold their hidden talents.And thus, efforts of parents and teachers have to blend, because a child is like an unfurnished diamond–yet to be chiseled and yet to be polished.

Let us make ourselves a source of inspiration, wisdom and right instruction to the valuable youth of the nation.