Bhavan's Vision


The vision of Bharatiya vidya Bhavan's Sohan lal public school is to transform its students into true humans who are earmarked for understanding the needs of others and rendering services to the humanity.


Bhavan's Mission :-The school is aspiring to prepare each student

bullet Academically,mentally and physically strong by providing high quality education
bullet To develop a sense of respect for the country and its constitution and tolerance for all forms of life
bullet To inculcate respect for diversity and local culture
bullet To provide every individual (despite cast,color and creed)the specific facility after realizing the unique ability of every child
bullet To safeguard the values ethos of the school
bullet To imbibe cognitive and behavioral skills to meet the global demands
bullet To connect students with the roots of India i.e. vedas and scriptures
bullet To train students think globally and act accordingly
bullet To make students creative, analytical, critical and innovative
bullet To provide active,reflective and creative learning to lay stress upon clarity in understanding
bullet To make students self reliant and develop problem solving attitude through vocational training and regular counseling