Academic Detail

Academic Session Period - 1st April - 31st March(Each Year)  
Vacation Period - June - July  
Admission Period - 25th December - 25th January  
Class Subject Offered Subject CodeClass Subject Offered Subject Code
10th Punjabi 004 12th Economic 030
  Mathematics 041   Psychology 037
  Hindi Course-B 085   Mathematics 041
Science 086   Physics042
Social Science 087   Chemistry043
English Comm. 101   Biology044
Dynamics of Retail(C) 461   Physical Education048
ICT Skills 535   Painting049
Artificial Intelligence 417   Business Studies054
      Informatics Practices 065
        English Core 301
      Work Experience500
      Phy & Health Education502
      General Studies503
      Punjabi 104
      Applied Maths 241
Parents are requested to deposit the amount of fee, as per fee structure in the account number provided to school at
Punjab National Bank.
It is requested to deposit the fee before the 10th of required month (except February). On the 15th of required month,
Bank will deduct the fee from the respective account number.

If balance in the account is less than the amount of fee & minimum Balance, bank will charge the minimum balance
charges from the respective account.
It is for your information that minimum balance is Rs. 500/- if the account is in the name of student & min. balance is
Rs. 1000/- if the account is in the name of parents.
On 28th of required month, bank will again deduct the fee from Defaulter's accounts with the late fee fine of of Rs.100/-
per month or a part thereof